Organizing Commitee

Eyal Ben-David, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Eyal Ben-David
is a PhD student in the Natural Language Processing group, supervised by Roi Reichart, at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. His research interests include domain adaptation, representation-learning, zero-shot learning, integration of world knowledge into deep neural networks as well as generalization beyond thetraining distribution.
Shay Cohen, University of Edinburgh Shay Cohen
is a reader in the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. His broad interests are in the intersection of computational linguistics and statistical learning, particularly in predicting discourse, semantic and syntactic structure from text.
Ryan McDonald, google research Ryan McDonald
has been a research scientist at Google since 2006 and an associate researcher at the Athens University of Economics and Business since 2017. In that time he has been involved in various research efforts that have made user impact on a number of Google products, including Search, Assistant, Translate and Cloud. Prior to Google he completed a PhD at the University of Pennsylvania, which focused on new models for multilingual dependency parsing. This work continued at Google and culminated in the creation of the UniversalDependencies project, co-founded by his team at Google and numerous external collaborators. He currently works on discovery from biomedical literature and other productivity-driven NLP challenges, specifically looking at low resource domains requiring the adaptation of NLU models.
Barbara Plank, University of Copenhagen Barbara Plank
is Associate Professor in Natural Language Processing at ITU (IT University of Copenhagen). Her research interest within NLP include learning under sample selection bias (domain adaptation, transfer learning), learning from beyond the text, and in general learning under limited supervision. She (co)-organized workshops and international conferences, amongst which the PEOPLES workshop (since 2016) and the first European NLP Summit (EurNLP 2019). Barbara was general chair of the 22nd Northern Computational Linguistics conference (NoDaLiDa 2019) and workshop chair for ACL in 2019. Barbara is member of the advisory board of the European Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL).
Roi Reichart, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Roi Reichart
is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management of the Technion - Is-rael Institute of Technology. He is interested inlanguage learning and designing models that integrate domain and world knowledge with data-driven methods. He has hence worked on prob-lems such as domain adaptation, learning withminimal human annotation (and involvement), language transfer and multilingual learning, multi-modal (text and vision) processing and NLP ofWeb data. He organized and edited the pro-ceedings of the First Workshop on UnsupervisedLearning in NLP (co-located with EMNLP 2011) and the Joint Workshop on Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Learning in NLP (co-locatedwith EACL 2012).
Guy Rotman, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Guy Rotman
is a PhD student in the Natural Language Processing Group, supervised by Roi Reichart, at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. His research focuses on solving NLP applications under low-resource scenarios, such as: semi-supervised learning, self-supervised learn-ing, domain adaptation, cross-lingual settings and Knowledge distillation, as well as multi-modal and multi-lingual representation learning.
Yftah Ziser, Amazon Yftah Ziser
is a researcher at Amazon research labs, Haifa, Israel. In his PhD work he developed a pivot-based deep learning methodology for domain adaptation. His domain adaptation work was published in CoNLL 2017, NAACL 2018, EMNLP 2018 and ACL 2019 and established new sate-of-art in unsupervised domain adaptation (both in-language and cross-language).